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The Logic of Hygiene



Author: Volodymyr   Zanin

published  25-08-2021

    The essay on hygiene, on the ways and methods of compliance with hygienic standards in everyday life.

    The book is not a medical guide, but it is intended for a wide range of readers.

    Specified recommendations on how to behave and act in case of an infectious pandemic, which unfortunately is so tightly squeezed into our daily lives.

    Firstly, we will look at specific moments and situations, and in the epilogue we will reveal a global view of what is happening and the right attitude and understanding of the current complex and tense epidemiological situation.

    The motivating reason for writing the book you are holding in your hands is that despite the urgentl need to educate people about hygiene today, for most it is obvious only that hygiene is a struggle for washing hands with soap, for brushing teeth, and, recently, -for wearing a protective mask, and wiping with alcohol everything that can be wiped.

    Unfortunately, nowadays there are no specific,  non-professional instructions or a particular educational work in the field of hygiene, for a wide range of readers, acquainted with the proper behaviour in a certain situation, in order to learn on their own about control of their actions, both in matters of hygiene, and in similar situations of everyday life.

    There are several videos and instructive phrases taken out of the contest, such as:: that is not possible, that is not needed, it is forbidden. But what and how exactly are we to learn behaving properly in matters of hygiene? What exactly and in what logical sequence should our actions be?

    First of all, you need to find out for yourself that in compliance with hygienic standards, the necessary component is a causal sequential link of your actions ... That is, if at least one of your actions is incorrect, or not at all true - it can lead to the fact that all your efforts will be nullified. Just one wrong step out of a hundred proper ones can ruin all your previous efforts to comply with hygienic rules and regulations.

    This book is based on my own observations, as well as recommendations, pteces of advice received in communication with doctors, biologists, infectious disease specialists and just intelligent and educated citizens who are responsible for their health and the health of people around them. .

    We need to learn what we are to do and how to do it, and in what sequence.What is the proper sequence of our actions, and not otherwise? That is what we will talk about.

    We will sort everything out meticulously, in detail and uncompromisingly. Sorry, but it is necessary. After all, if you do something, you should do it very well, otherwise why you should do it at all.


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