How to save your smartphone ?!



Author: Volodymyr   Zanin

published  15-04-2022

     Every day you put your beloved smartphone in danger. This is especially true during the coronavirus quarantine period. After using it outdoors with non-sterile hands, it is recommended to wipe it with an alcohol mixture against viruses and bacteria. After that, of course, it can be infected and you, after coming home, daily and constantly disinfect it with various liquids.

Did you know that any liquid is deadly for your smartphone?

    Yes it's true. What's more, liquids containing alcohol are especially aggressive towards the plastics and adhesives that make up the case and other devices of your smartphone. If the same liquid seeps into a smartphone, into electronics, then your smartphone is finished! Waterproof smartphones will not protect against this either. After all, they are protected from water, and not from aggressive alcohol mixtures.

From all this there is an excellent protection!
Now we will tell you.

We will help you purchase everything you need to protect your smartphone from premature death.


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